Event Design & Production Agency

Why Are We Different?



The services we offer make us different, and we LOVE being different. We’re not your average run of the mill event planning and design agency. We are your one stop shop to a better event, a better brand launch, a better pop up shop, a better designed store/storefront, or even just a better dinner party. We work really hard to not just understand you, but your overall needs. Plus we give the best service (so we’ve been told!). Haven’t you wanted someone to just do it all for you? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Because… WE. DO. IT. ALL.

Check out what makes us unique below.



Finding the right location to host your wedding, your event, or your new pop up shop is quite a task and can either make or break the project’s budget. There’s so much that goes into the venue and the negotiations that can be easily missed if you’re not as familiar with this world. Let us take the guess work out of it and ensure every detail is thought through before securing your perfect location.



Whether you’re planning a social soirée, a wedding, or a corporate event, planning is absolutely essential. We have the right teams and the experts to ensure that you’re in the right hands. We guide you through every step of the way, or we can plan it all for you because frankly… who has time for that? Not you. So, let us do the planning for you, so you can sit back and just relax.



Let’s face it, some of us are planners and love logistics, and some of us are designers and love creativity. Well lucky for you, we have a team of people that love both. But if you’re not as creative as you wish to be, that’s ok. Leave it to us, the professionals, to create the design concept and work with you to get it to the point of perfection. Sometimes its hard to get what you think you want out on paper to visualize it. Well, that’s what we’re here for. To do exactly that and get your vision on paper.



Once your design concept and intent is approved, the team gets working on producing what we presented in 2D. We work tirelessly to ensure that everything we’ve designed is executed to nothing short of perfect. If that means we are custom building a one of a kind piece for your event, we ensure that our shop and our verified partners are working as diligently on it as we are. Why? Because every detail matters. And we’re the queens of detail.


A/V and technical design & Production

Design isn’t just about the flowers, the paint, the fixtures, and all the pretty things that naturally come to mind. Good design incorporates the planning of all technical elements like lights, audio and visuals. We understand that lighting can highlight a piece you want the guest to focus on, indirectly. We also understand that audio can absolutely dictate what mood you want your guests to be in, when they enter your event or pop up shop. Let us help you incorporate and plan these elements into your next event.


consumer experience design & Production

Now-a-days, experiences and moments are what matters when trying to market a product, a service, or launch a new activation to today’s growing market. The event that surrounds the launch or the experience of the consumer product needs to be something noteworthy and remarkable. Something that sticks in the minds of the guests and ensures they leave thinking about that moment that was created for them. Let us think about your next brand launch or activation and how to turn that guest into a consumer through an experience. You won’t regret it.