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Casey neistat x samsung note 9 pop up

LOCATION: Tribecca, New York

DATE: December 13-15, 2018

 work done: all build and production, maintenance of space, construction build, lighting, sound, permitting, custom creations, crew call, crew coordination, team management.

We turned Youtube celebrity, Casey Neistat’s creative hub, 368, into a mad scientist lab where the front of the space was completely transformed and ready for guest to experience how Samsung’s Note 9’s get a customized Casey Neistat skin. Check it out below in the videos!

samsung oasis at vidcon 2019

LOCATION: Anaheim, California

DATE: July 17, 2019

work done: all production, construction build, lighting, video, sound, custom creations, technical production, crew call, crew coordination, team management.

An Oasis or an escape for VIPs to escape the madness of VidCon. Shuttles would drop guests off at the venue that was transformed into a laid back California Dream. Equipped with branded neon signs, 84” TVs throughout the space, and photo booths for guest interaction, guests were encouraged to move through the space and enjoy staying cool in the Samsung Oasis.